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WIS stands for Wind energy Information System and is a web-based professional tool for technical and commercial management of your wind turbines. It relieves you of routine tasks, manages and supports your internal processes and accelerates and automates operations.

Through trustful cooperation with our customers, within only a few years, WIS has evolved into a high-end special tool for the wind industry. This gives our customers an edge in the international wind market by allowing them to work even more professional and create faster and more informative reports.

Key aspects of WIS


Bild Data recall from wind turbines is fully automated by one or more communication servers and can be freely configured to meet the requirements of our customers.

Through extensive data analysis, we are able to offer communication modules that are specially adapted to each type of wind turbine. All retrieved data will stored in a database of your choice, where it is permanently available for creating analyses, reports and forecast at any time.

In addition it is also possible to integrate an already existing solution for data recall and storage.

Analyses / reports

Bild Based on the collected data, extensive reports and analyses can be created, with configurable contents, such as availability or production.

In addition, WIS offers the possibility to create special analyses for investors, banks or insurance companies. The generation of forecasts gives you the opportunity to get a glimpse into the future of your company.

As with all other modules, our reports and analyses consider both the technical and the commercial management aspect.


Bild WIS contains many modules for the automated monitoring of wind turbines. It can, for example, visualize the status of wind farms or individual turbines on a general map, or analyze important turbine parameters such as the power curve. If any anomalies are detected, the operator will be notified via SMS or e-mail.

When an analogue modem line is the only way to communicate with a turbine, data retrieval is susceptible to problems such as communication errors, not responding modems or busy lines. WIS contains a communication management system that intelligently retries failed data retrieval attempts at later times and is even able to detect data gaps, which can be automatically filled at the push of a button.


Bild Various modules allow you to centrally manage a wide range of information, such as addresses, leases or master data of your wind farms, resulting in shortened planning and decision-making processes, thereby increasing your production efficiency.

Modules for service or operational planning and a turbine logbook are helpful in daily working processes and give your employees the chance to focus on their core business.


  • Is your park profitable?
  • Which errors occur most frequently? Where do they occur?
  • Have optimizing measures had a positive effect on your wind farm?
  • At which intervals do repairs take place?
  • Which components cause problems, in comparison to components of other wind turbine types, and how much is in the resulting revenue loss?
These and other questions can be conveniently answered with the analysis modules of WIS.


Bild WIS is carefully adapted to match to your corporate structure and business processes and creates a common platform for all employees to work with. It also easily integrates your customers, partners and service providers into the working process. With WIS you can gather, manage, exchange and utilize all information that is important to your business.

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