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Advantages of WISout

Provides real-time data (30-second-data)

High quality data

  • Provides many data directly from SPS (huge variety of parameters)
  • Global and current information of performance, function, efficiency and external conditions
  • Detailed information of logon and logoff at the WTG (start, end, period, user number, job and work number, order number) pfeil depends on control
  • No data gaps

Enormous reduction of telephone costs

  • Costs occur in wind farm and can be reduced with data flat rates
  • Own communication access to WEA (i.e. by GPRS modem) pfeil manufacturers and technical operators are working side by side / existing data transmission system will be preserved
  • Telephone calls to WEA not necessary, the wind turbine sets up a permanent internet connection (secure VPN connection)
  • Very fast data transmission with the help of compression of wind turbine data, even at low line capacity or high occupancy of the park cable network

24/7 accessibility of wind turbines


Provides an important information base for proactive fault management

...for an effective controlling of productivity and for selective parameterisation of control systems
  • Analyse causes of failures
  • Resolve problems permanently and develop solutions
  • Save the knowledge about known problems
  • Early identification of potential problems before they occur

You remain competitive

The hardware solution inside the wind farm offers high bandwidth and therefore causes no additional network infrastructure costs when installing a condition monitoring system.

The existing wiring is used for data transfer, causing no additional costs for cable laying or splicing of fibre optic cables.