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New business hours
publié le 01/10/2018
We are pleased to inform you that we extend our business hours: you can contact us now from 07:00 am to 05:00 pm.

With this extension we would like to adapt our services to your needs and start the year 2018 daily from 07:00 am (Mon-Fri). We wish you a windy year 2018,

your softEnergy-Team

softEnergy is present at HUSUM Wind 2017
publié le 09/01/2017
Our visit at HUSUM Wind 2017 from 12.09 to 15.09. will ensure great memories. We are proud to enlarge our booth to 40m² . This year you will find us in hall 4, booth 4B16. Look out for a red windsock and a maritime booth where our 7 employees present the smartest software-solution for wind turbines and introduce our new features. For the fair trade we developed 2 brand-new highlights which will be milestones in the digitalization of the wind industry. Our context-sensitive Calendar component and our Notifications merge the information exchange across platforms and dress them in a smart usability. We are looking forward to meeting you!

softEnergy is honoured with a certificate by the chamber of commerce
publié le 01/12/2017
In 2016 softEnergy has been congratulated with a certificate of honour for 10 years of successfull apprenticeship by the chamber of commerce. Since 2005 we train our IT specialists for application development in Rostock, Germany. All of our trainees have been firmly established in the company since then and took over responsible positions to develop our software WIS successfully. At the moment 2 further trainees are in their 2nd apprenticeship.

softEnergy shows sportsmanship at Rostock’s Run
publié le 07/04/2016
For the 7th Rostocker relay race of companies on 22 June 2016 softEnergy switched the office chair with running shoes. Aside with 358 other teams of Rostock’s metropolitan area the run for the winner trophy began. Although the winner’s podium was not reached by our team this year, the more the fun came first. At this point we would like to thank our employees for their athletic performance.


„Save the energy turn„ - softEnergy fights
publié le 06/10/2016
On 2 June 2016 a demonstration organised by Bundesverband Windenergie e. V. (German Wind Energy Association) took place in Berlin to save Germanys energy turn. Together with our customers we fought to save the future with renewable energies. Employees of softEnergy where on site and also talked to politicians about this topic.

New generation at softEnergy
publié le 10/01/2015
The managing director of 11 years Elke Stahl has handed over management to her successor Thomas Niestaedt on 01.10.2015. This transfer was planned for some time and was concluded with a symbolic handshake. Until year end Elke will stay on to support the company as a consultant.

Thomas Niestaedt was appointed managing director in april 2015. He joined softEnergy in 2009 and leads the Software Development since 2013. A Masters degree of Science in Computer Sciences and long years of experience in the wind power industry has prepared Thomas for his new tasks and he now looks forward to continue the successful with his team.

A few words from Elke at the symbolic handover: „ I want to thank the whole team for the past years. It was a pleasure working with all of you and I am proud of what we have achieved together. I am convinced that Thomas will lead the company into a successful future, following his own path. I wish him success, contentment and luck in his new role as well as the trust of our team and clients.“


softEnergy at the HUSUM WindEnergy 2015 (Hall 4, booth 4B11)
publié le 09/02/2015

softEnergy GmbH is presenting at this year’s fair (booth 4B11) a brand new version of its 10 year old proven software solution WIS (Wind energy Information System) which is used worldwide by managing operators, service companies, operators, energy suppliers and investors. Besides the one hundred modules for monitoring, analyses and management of wind turbines, the special highlights are an unprecedented “Report Manager” (a modern, flexible report generator with many possibilities) as well as the mobile App “WIS2Go”. This App can be used on smartphones or tablets for eg. analyses or professional inspections / visual checks with individual definable service protocols. The App interacts with WIS (automatic dispatch of data and processes, live overview on the inspections on site, etc.).

We are looking forward to meeting you!

softEnergy’s 4th WIS UserGroup with exciting presentations and interesting conversations
publié le 10/29/2014
On Wednesday 8th October our clients could gain insight current and future projects.
Most of our customers accepted our invitation and participated in the 4th WIS UserGroup in Rostock-Warnemünde. The WIS UserGroup is a popular event to meet colleagues and to exchange experiences.

Besides current and future topics also new projects in WIS have been presented. Topics as the new monitoring possibility “Standstill Overview”, the module for a flexible and widespread reporting (“Report Manager”) and the functions of the new WIS2Go-App have been introduced. Also guest speaker Dr. Harald Jung (IZP Dresden mbH) has shown with the research project CECK-RE (Condition-Event-Cause-Key) how theory and practice can be combined reasonably in WIS. A discussion round at the end of the day was used to determine common aims for the future.

The mutual exchange with our clients is an important aspect for the enhancements of WIS and sometimes the essential impulse for new and forward-looking developments. Because of that we would like to say thank you for the participation of our clients and the interesting talks and would be glad to welcome you again next year.

10 years softEnergy
publié le 10/29/2014
softEnergy celebrated on 8th October 2014 with its clients the 10th anniversary
10 years ago softEnergy has been established by a young and innovative team which had the vision to create an application software for the renewable energies. In the evening of the 8th October our clients and softEnergy celebrated the jubilee with view on the Baltic Sea in Warnemünde’s Kurhaus.

softEnergy GmbH moved into new office!
publié le 04/06/2013
On 4th April time has come to move into our new office building, with bag and baggage around the corner. Not only we packed lots of cardboard boxes but also the whole company (parent company Aura Computersysteme GmbH and subsidiary MHR). Until the last desk and wastepaper basket found the right place two days past. But it was worth it, the new rooms offer more opportunities for creativity and they really look good. So working can be enjoyed even more.

New impulses for the wind branch - softEnergy founds the WIS-UserGroup
publié le 02/26/2009

On the 28th of January 2009, softEnergy arranged together with their customers an impressive event that will bring new innovative impulses in the wind branch. The customers of softEnergy that consist of many different actors from the wind industry came together in Rostock on this day to find solution methods for the daily challenges of the wind branch. It was observed that everyone has to manage similar problems - operators, owners, planning offices, service companies or even wind turbine manufacturers.

Some of these challenges were presented on this day and different solution methods were discussed. Samples of the presented topics were: "Communication problems -> Different possible solution methods" or "Problem-oriented work instead of task-oriented work -> Presentation of the new and flexible WIS 5.0 solution". But not only softEnergy presented their innovations and solutions. Stephan Jacobsen, head of the technical operation management division of Energiequelle GmbH in Bremen, presented the solution "Open Failure Analysis" which promises big potentials for all members of the wind energy branch. This world wide unique software module allows owners and operators (or others) of wind turbines to search in a central database for failure codes with high occurrences and also to check if other owners or operators with the same wind turbine type have the same problems.

Finally, all visitors of the event got a lot of knowledge through the presentations and also through experience reports in a following discussion round. Already at the end of the event, all visitors had the same position that this impressive day created a community of interests that will be heftily heating up the wind branch in the near future.

This new and growing community of interests is called "WIS UserGroup".

Breakdown - Exception or standard?
publié le 08/01/2008

A new software module allows a wind turbine manufacturer independent failure analysis and problem solving in blockage and breakdown scenarios beyond present possibilities.

From 9th till 13th September the operator of over 450 wind turbines "Energiequelle GmbH" and the software house "softEnergy GmbH" present at the exposition "Husum WindEnergy" a corporately developed failure-analyzing module for the Wind energy Information System (WIS). The worldwide unique software module "open failure analysis" allows operators and owners of wind turbines to research in a database for frequently occurring error codes from identical turbines of different owners. The users can compare results, exchange solutions with like-minded people to avoid e.g. expensive failed attempts when solving the problem.

Stephan Jacobsen is head of the technical operation management division of Energiequelle GmbH in Bremen und initiator of the module development. With many years of experience he knows the weaknesses of manufacturers that need to be compensated with the own initiative of operators. He describes the dilemma: "From the eyes of an operator you get the impression that manufacturers aren"t very interested in the maintenance business. Often, customer support is insufficient; questions and requests are being answered from slow to "not at all". In addition manufacturers declare problems as individual cases although equal or similar cases do exist. For this reason it is more important than ever for operators and owners to pull together to operate their turbines more optimal and efficient. So it stood to reason to create a base to share the knowledge and to compare the results. Here is our approach. We want to improve the day-to-day business via combined work. Thereby the software module helps to analyze the failures. softEnergy has realized this module based on our ideas and specifications that is why we own the license rights." We assume that all present and future WIS users will join this module to increase the use of the analysis with every additional wind turbine and to improve the precision of the analysis, information quality as well as offering solution exchange. "Energiequelle GmbH will employ this new tool for all managed wind turbines in day-to-day business naturally without causing additional costs for the owners." said Mr. Jacobsen concluding.

Christian Schröder, sales manager of softEnergy GmbH in Rostock explained the technical background of the system: "The WIS module "open failure analysis" analyses the frequency of occurred error codes (status codes) for a defined period in a fast and clear manner. The module can generate a top-10-list with all occurred failures on demand. Required data for this and other evaluations will be anonymously exported in agreement with all participating operators into a central database. The software module "open failure analysis" accesses this central database and enables for the first time analyses, evaluations and comparisons of unprecedented significance. Trends and irregularities are from now on detectable, especially if they are dependent on turbine type or environment factors."

Technical requirement for the use of the failure analysis module is the installation of the Wind energy Information System (WIS) at the operator. This system is distributed by the company softEnergy in Rostock. Contact person is Christian Schröder (Phone: +49 (0) 381-40 587 530, e-mail:,

Stephan Jacobsen is the contact for information about the new software module "open failure analysis" (Phone: +49 (0) 421-62 67 69-60, Email:, Both companies will present their solution from 9th till 13th September at the exposition "Husum WindEnergy" on the stand of the Energiequelle GmbH (B 27) in hall 4.

Quotes were originally in German. They were correspondingly translated into English by softEnergy. with a new design and many new features for our costumers
publié le 03/01/2008
Bild Our web presence has been completely redesigned. The navigation is more user-friendly and our customers gain access to new features and information via a separate customer login.

The section “service and support” includes modules such as a training centre, support area and many more, where we provide online training videos, troubleshooting help, maintenance reports, information about account executives or news on the latest modules for our products.

monitoring and evaluation of your plants with live data
publié le 02/01/2008
By constant improvement of our existing WISout technology and in cooperation with the company Quantec Networks, our new Quantec-WISout has been created. This product allows for a permanent manufacturer-independent collection of live data from your wind turbines, including all parameters that are provided by the turbine control.

softEnergy is becoming more professional
publié le 03/27/2007
The increasing demand of our products has led us to present ourselves more professional to the marked. Primarily, innovative developments and new technologies for our software products have a major role. But also in the field of service and customer care, a lot has improved. Each costumer, for example, has a personal contact person to help with questions, problems or suggestions regarding our products. Our customers receive monthly maintenance reports with a steadily growing amount of information. Thus, they are always informed about the latest developments and know exactly whom to contact if questions arise.

Even softEnergy itself has grown structurally. Through our corporate network, consisting of 4 companies, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of professional services from one single source. This gives us the potential to provide a complete bundle of our business software solution, installed on professional hardware, optimized to your needs and with full service.

WIS in the `Erneuerbare Energien´ journal
publié le 09/08/2006